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‘The Last of Us’ highest rated game of 2013

The Last of Us won’t be out until June 14, but reviews have popped up across the internet. The general consensus? It’s good. Like, really good. Pulling in a Metacritic score of 96, beating the likes of BioShock Infinite – another highly anticipated and highly praised game this year –  The Last of Us seems […]Read More


‘The Last of Us’ multiplayer footage

Sunday, we brought you a leak concerning the multiplayer mode for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. While exciting, it was sadly little more than a lengthy stream of code. Today, however, we actually have some real video footage, albeit in Spanish. Hobbyconsolas.com treats us to about three and a half minutes of multiplayer action. It […]Read More


‘The Last of Us’ trophies fully revealed

The Last of Us is just over two weeks away from being available on your Playstation 3, and the official list of trophies for the game has been made available. Featuring both single and multiplayer trophies, the list seems to not contain any heavy story spoilers. For those of you looking to play through the […]Read More