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Terminal Coming to Modern Warfare 3 This Month

A few weeks back, the very first footage of Terminal in Modern Warfare 3 leaked onto the internet.  Fans  have known for quite awhile that Terminal was coming, but the mention of a release date has been a silent subject for Infinity Ward and Activision. That changes today, as Infinity Ward has announced the release […]Read More


Call of Duty MW3 June DLC Video Preview

Today Modern Warfare 3 Elite members will be able to download three new maps for the game mode Face Off and one new Spec Ops mission called Arctic Recon. The three Face Off maps included in the DLC are: Intersection, U-Turn, and Vortex. Below is a single match on each of the maps to give […]Read More


How to Unlock the MW3 Helipocalypse Achievement

Recently released for Call of Duty Elite members was two Spec Ops missions, Kill Switch and Iron Clad. In the Kill Switch mission players are tasked with arming an EMP device in a warehouse, but are met with resistance in the form of ground enemies, helicopters, and juggernauts. During the mission there will be six […]Read More


Modern Warfare 3 Kid Argues With Himself

Oh Call of Duty community, why must you be so terrible? For anyone who has played the Call of Duty series, especially in recent years, it’s pretty difficult to actually play with your mic on. Regardless of age, the amount of people that want to “1v1” or resort to extremely vulgar language just about exceeds […]Read More


Modern Warfare 3 Double XP Weekend Now Available

Fire up your consoles, Call of Duty fans.  Thanks to Activision and Infinity Ward, it’ll be much easier to prestige as all systems will be able to participate in a double XP weekend. What’s ironic, however, is that today is the same day that marks the Modern Warfare 3 blackout campaign.  Gamers from around the […]Read More