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Minecraft parody video pokes fun at the Nether

We all know the Nether is inferior compared the wondrous overworld. Many have sworn off the forsaken land and for good reason too. Between the lava, ghasts, and other creatures, you’re just asking to lose your loot. The folks at Yogscast have made a parody song and a video to accompany it. You’ll at least get some […]Read More


Minecon 2012 Taking Place At Disneyland Paris

The inaugural Minecon event in Las Vegas last year was such a blast that fans have been clamoring for information regarding this year’s event. It’s been known for some time that Notch and Mojang wanted to tailor this year’s event to the European audience. So it comes at no surprise that Minecon 2012 will be located at Disneyland Paris. […]Read More


Notch: Minecraft is a Genderless World

Minecraft creator Markus Persson always seems to be saying quotable statements that peak the interest of the internet, and his recent blog post about gender in his blocky world continues that trend. “The human model is intended to represent a Human Being. Not a male Human Being or a female Human Being, but simply a Human Being,” Notch […]Read More


Notch Extremely Frustrated With Uniloc Lawsuit

UPDATE: Notch has since clarified that the tweet was said purely out of frustration. That was said of of frustration, there’s no way I’d abandon that many fans. <3 — Markus Persson (@notch) July 24, 2012 Well it seems as if the latest attempt at grabbing some money by Uniloc has really gotten the best […]Read More