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‘Minecraft’ XBLA surpasses 8 million sales

The success of Mojang’s ‘Minecraft’ seems to know no bounds. Following the recent release of a physical boxed copy, sales of the XBLA version alone have surpassed 8 million units. This allowed ‘Minecraft’ to top the most recent UK sales charts, outperforming FIFA 13 and Tales of Xillia. News of this achievement released alongside a list of […]Read More


‘Minecraft Xbox 360’ adds 55 Halloween skins

The Xbox 360 version of the wildly popular Minecraft is getting a significantly spooky update this week, all in the name of charity. Fans of this version of Mojang’s breakout hit have been recently satisfied by the adventure mode update, but now they’ll get even more content in the form of 55 new, terrifying Halloween skins. It’ll […]Read More


Over 10 percent of connected 360s have ‘Minecraft’

It’s no surprise to anyone nowadays that Minecraft is popular, but when you break down a few sales numbers, the success is staggering. 4J Studios, the developer behind the 360 port of Minecraft, recently announced that the port alone has sold over 4 million copies. Considering the number of Xbox Live members has been floating around 40 million, […]Read More

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MineCon ticket sales opening today

For those who are hoping to attend this year’s Minecon in Disneyland Resort, Paris, ticket sales will open in just over nine hours at 7 AM (EST). More information will be available when sales open, but for now the website simply boasts the following statistics: €99 early-bird rate for MineCon tickets grants admission to the […]Read More