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‘Impossible Road’ Review

It can not be easy to be an independent iOS developer. With a marketplace to which the word “oversaturated” doesn’t even begin to apply, how do budget developers get their games to stand out? Unfortunately for Kevin Ng–developer of the new iOS arcade game Impossible Road–I don’t have the answer to that question. What I do […]Read More


‘NRA: Practice Range’ released for iOS

The National Rifle Association has joined the gamemaking business. Released on Jan. 14–a month after the tragedy at Sand Hook Elementary School in Connecticut–NRA: Practice Range is an iOS game advertised as a tool for “safety, training and education,” as well as hosting a virtual shooting range. The game is recommended for ages four and up. […]Read More


Disney’s ‘Infinity’ is cross-platform sandbox experiment

A few days ago, Disney Studios sent out invitations for a January press event during which the company plans to reveal its new “gaming initiative,” Infinity. With such a bold term, it’s hard not to wonder what Disney has planning, and according to a series of images and videos leaked to Polygon.com, now we know. Disney’s Infinity is set […]Read More


22cans launches GODUS Kickstarter

Way back in ancient times (1989), Peter Molyneux and his company Bullfrog brought forth a new style of strategy game, the god game, and they did it with their game ‘Populous’. Now, the folks over at 22cans (Molyneux’s new studio), want to do a fresh reinvention of the game with ‘GODUS’ for PC, iOS, and […]Read More