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‘League of Legends’ Champion update: Sejuani and Trundle

Two popular Champions from Riot Games’ massively popular MOBA League of Legends have been reworked both aesthetically and in a gameplay sense. Sejuani is a powerful ice warrior, and the game’s developer didn’t feel it captured that fact through the character’s flimsy armor. She’s now equipped with heavier, more imposing garbs, and her fierce steed, Bristle, is also a bit […]Read More


‘League of Legends’ spotlights elastic Champion Zac

The latest League of Legends Champion Spotlight video coming from developer Riot Games is centered on one of the meanest, greenest battlers to ever be released: Zac, the Secret Weapon. This amorphous creature may look like an overgrown version of Flubber, but don’t let his less-than-solid appearance fool you. Zac is a dangerous health-based castor […]Read More


‘League of Legends’ patch 3.04 notes released

The latest and greatest update to the massively popular League of Legends has been released, and with it comes a full description of all the changes Riot has made. If you’re a fan of the most-played MOBA to ever hit the gaming world, it’s time you give all the champion and ability changes a look. Some of […]Read More