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Mojang’s Scrolls in Closed Alpha

Scrolls, the vastly different follow-up to the surprise-hit Minecraft, is far from being a complete product at this time. Yet, like Minecraft before it, Scrolls will be going through a serious amount of testing before release. According to a recent post from the official blog, the first round of players are now officially in the […]Read More


Fable 4 Looking to Minecraft for Inspiration on Co-op

Lionhead Studios has held quite a following with the Fable franchise, even though the third title in the series didn’t perform as they would have expected.  While the series has been enjoyable, quite a few issues have stemmed from over-promising and under-delivering on certain features. We haven’t heard much from Lionhead recently on a true Fable title, but […]Read More


Grab Minecraft for $15 at Best Buy Today

Today, Minecraft will officially have the chance to grace your Xbox 360.  While it’s priced at 1600 Microsoft Points or $20, there’s actually a deal available to save you $5. If you head on over to the Best Buy website, you’ll see that Minecraft is selling for only $15.  Best part yet? It’s a digital […]Read More


Official Achievements for Minecraft

The sensation that took over your computer is just about ready to take over you console.    On May 9th, Xbox 360 owners will be able to purchase the console version of Minecraft complete with a cooperative experience. Once you’ve acquired the game on your console, you’ll of course want to hear the wonderful “bleep bloop” […]Read More