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‘Terraria’ coming to consoles with additional content

Minecraft had a wildly successful debut on home consoles earlier this year, and now, its 2D “competitor” Terraria is also making its way to PSN and XBLA. Players have been crafting weapons, digging out tunnels and adventuring through the colorful world of Terraria for over a year now, but its time on the marketplace hasn’t stopped […]Read More


Minecraft parody video pokes fun at the Nether

We all know the Nether is inferior compared the wondrous overworld. Many have sworn off the forsaken land and for good reason too. Between the lava, ghasts, and other creatures, you’re just asking to lose your loot. The folks at Yogscast have made a parody song and a video to accompany it. You’ll at least get some […]Read More


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Texture Packs and Servers To Be Discussed After 1.8.2

Over their Twitter account, 4J Studios continues to answer fan’s questions about Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition‘s upcoming features. They’ve already clarified that 1.8.2 is still “many weeks away,” leaving many to wonder what will come next. Many are still looking for features that initially appeared to be exclusive to the PC version of the game including […]Read More


Minecraft Skin Pack 2 Launching Friday

Players of the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft can expect the second skin pack to release this Friday for 160 Microsoft Points ($2). It will contain 45 skins, most of which have already been unveiled. However, there are still nine skins which remain secret and will be revealed tomorrow. So stay tuned for more information! What skins […]Read More


More Upcoming Minecraft Skins Revealed

PlayXBLA has given us yet another sneak peak behind the upcoming Minecraft skins included in Skin Pack 2. It will consist of 45 total skins and will once again set you back 160 Microsoft Points ($2). Today’s announcement reveals five more of the skins which it will contain including: Gammabros Zapp, Otus – Owlboy, Glorg, Blue Knight – Castle Crashers, and Gammabros […]Read More