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The Games of 2013 That Make New Consoles Irrelevant

Man, has it really been seven years since we entered a new generation of consoles? It feels like yesterday that the PlayStation 3 struggled due to a steep price point, the Xbox 360 had more blinking red lights than downtown Pittsburgh and dedicated gamers cried to the heavens that motion controls would ruin gaming forever. […]Read More


‘Metro: Last Light’ loses multiplayer mode

Metro: Last Light, THQ and 4A Games’ atmospheric first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world, will launch in early 2013 without multiplayer. While an online component was never confirmed for this survival-horror title, the developers had mentioned plans to include some sort of competitive feature. Now, it looks like all of the focus will be on the campaign. “Throughout the development of Metro: […]Read More


Metro: Last Light E3 Gameplay Demo Released

If you’re a fan of survival horror and the shooter genre, then we highly suggest you add Metro: Last Light to your most anticipated games.  Why, you may ask? The rather impressive gameplay footage at E3 this year has been released for Metro: Last Light. The footage we’re bringing you today lasts roughly 13 minutes, […]Read More


New Screenshots Released for Metro: Last Light

There’s a slew of titles launching in 2012, but it’s hard to not look ahead at 2013.  While a rather large amount of games have been pushed to early 2013, one of the most anticipated titles for that year will definitely be Metro: Last Light. The first title in the series, Metro 2033, had a […]Read More