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‘Metro: Last Light’ has gone gold

Announced on the official Twitter account for Metro: Last Light, the sequel to 2010’s Metro 2033 has gone gold, meaning it is ready to ship. Metro: Last Light was originally announced at E3 2011 and was shown on the Wii U montage-reel. Since then developer 4A Games has said that it will not be developing […]Read More


PAX East: ‘Metro: Last Light’ interview

A simple floor demo may make 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light look like an ordinary shooter, but it’s the game’s atmosphere and narrative that really set it apart. The franchise’s new publisher, Deep Silver, gave us a look at the game during PAX East and took time out of its busy schedule to elaborate on […]Read More


‘Metro: Last Light’ gets unearthed in May

4A Games’ upcoming follow-up to Metro 2033 was supposed to be releasing this month under THQ. But since they’re gone, new publisher Deep Silver has announced that we’ll be getting Metro: Last Light in a couple months. The new release date will be May 14 in the US and May 17 in Europe. Deep Silver […]Read More


Refunds issued for PSN pre-orders of ‘Metro: Last Light’

Customers who pre-ordered Metro: Last Light via PSN are receiving refunds for the full purchase price. This isn’t the first hiccup the game has had regarding digital sales, having already been removed from GameStop’s digital service last month. The copy of Homefront which came with the pre-order is still yours to keep, although I’m not sure how […]Read More


‘Metro: Last Light’ removed from GameStop digital store due to THQ’s issues

GameStop has decided to pull Metro: Last Light from its PC download service. The reason according to GameStop VP of public and investor relations? Essentially, due to THQ’s current financial situation and uncertainty of delivery, in order to protect our consumers we removed the ability to pre-purchase that specific game This financial instability is, of course, […]Read More