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Halo 4: Bringing humanity to Cortana and Master Chief

The following contains spoilers for Halo 4, if you have not completed the campaign we recommend you do so before reading on. Cortana has always been one of the most fascinating parts of the Halo fiction for me. A.I.s in the Halo universe are just very interesting in general; they’re based on the neural pathways […]Read More


Top 5 Game Characters for the Presidential Election

Let’s be honest–no one’s exactly thrilled with the major candidates battling it out this election season. Wouldn’t it be nice to have candidates we know and love running for Commander in Chief? Say hello to five new candidates throwing their hats, helmets, and signature holsters into the ring. May the best character win. Note: In […]Read More


Halo 4’s New Hero Is Revealed

Halo fans, for the most part, have come to known John 117 as their hero of choice.  After 343 Industries and Microsoft announced the release date and unveiled the cover for Halo 4, gamers are quite anxious for more details on the upcoming game. In the upcoming July issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, quite […]Read More


Halo 4 Receives an Official Release Date

Fans of the Halo series can get ready to hand over your money in 2012, as Microsoft has given Halo 4 an official release date.  Gone are the rumors that the game would slip into 2013 or launch on another system, as your countdown to having the game in your Xbox 360 can now go […]Read More


First Halo 4 Campaign & Multiplayer Details Confirmed

Halo fans, it’s time to get excited.  Game Informer’s upcoming issue will have a megaton of Halo 4 details when it hits shelves this month.  Lucky for you, the internet got their hands on the issue early and they’ve released information regarding the multiplayer. Rather than just a few tidbits, there’s quite a bit of […]Read More


Halo 4 Dev Diary Showcases Gameplay & Multiplayer

If you’ve been craving footage to finally be released of Halo 4, then today is your lucky day.  343 Industries has released a developer diary for Halo 4 which showcases quite a bit of gameplay and multiplayer action. The title was unveiled this past way at the Microsoft Spring Showcase along with a slew of […]Read More