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BioWare teases new ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC

Those who follow BioWare producers Mike Gamble or Casey Hudson just got treated to a couple new images from what is presumably a new piece of downloadable content that’s making it’s way to Mass Effect 3. “Does not look like a guy you’d want to mess with,” Gamble said of the image featuring the Krogan. As […]Read More


Winter break ‘Mass Effect 3’ update Dec. 21

With Christmas just a week away and our imminent death even closer, BioWare has announced that it will offer a few goodies to all Mass Effect 3 players, starting Dec. 21. The aforementioned “goodies” include the unlocking of three different kits (Drell Assassin, Batarian Slasher, and Volus Protector), all Hazard maps being made available and […]Read More