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Top 5 Game Characters for the Presidential Election

Let’s be honest–no one’s exactly thrilled with the major candidates battling it out this election season. Wouldn’t it be nice to have candidates we know and love running for Commander in Chief? Say hello to five new candidates throwing their hats, helmets, and signature holsters into the ring. May the best character win. Note: In […]Read More


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Escapes to 2013

What’s more terrifying than tackling a mansion full of ghosts as Mario’s meek, skittish brother? A delay for one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo’s 3DS, that’s what. Sadly, we won’t be seeing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon hit store shelves this year. While it was planned for a 2012 release, Nintendo today¬†announced¬†that the game […]Read More


The Long List of Confirmed Wii U Games

We may not have a date or price for Nintendo’s latest piece of hardware, but we do have quite a few games confirmed for the Wii U. There’s plenty to look forward to in the console’s launch window, and to prove that, our friends over at ShackNews have compiled a list of the Wii U […]Read More