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These Madden 16 Cheats Will Help You Win From Day 1

Madden 16 is right around the corner which means that cheats, glitches, and tips are starting to come out.  We’ve found some really good ones via our friends at Madden School.  They already have a few videos up showing some good plays on offense.  They always provide really good free content as well as premium eBooks. Here […]Read More

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Madden 16 Ratings Announced For Top 10 Rookies

EA Sports has announced the ratings for the top 10 rookies in Madden 16.  The list includes fan favorites such as Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Kevin White, Todd Gurley and more.  You can check out the list courtesy of our friends at Madden-School.com below. WR Amari Cooper – 82 overall: In addition to his rookie-best […]Read More

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Licensed Music Is Returning To Madden NFL 16

Did you know that between 2002 and 2013 the Madden franchise averaged 5 songs per year by bands that topped the music charts?  That is a crazy statistic to think about but anyone who has played Madden knows that they have always had some good music. To research the soundtrack for Madden NFL 16, EA […]Read More

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Over 700 Madden 16 Rookie Ratings Projections

Every year NFL players want to know what their Madden rating will be.  Fans complain that their team or favorite player isn’t rated high enough.  Despite players and fans begging for higher ratings, there is a process that EA Sports has used for many years. Physical Madden attributes like speed, strength, acceleration, and agility are […]Read More

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600 New Plays Added To Madden 16 Playbooks

Madden NFL 16 will have 600 new plays this year according to EA Sports.  Of those 600 plays, 100 of them will be “shot plays.”  A shot play is exactly how it sounds.  It is a play designed to take a shot deep.  It usually involves a play action pass and you leave extra running […]Read More

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How Penalties Will Be Different in Madden NFL 16

For the longest time the only penalties you would ever see called in Madden games were holding, offsides, false start, and pass interference every now and then.  That is all going to change in Madden 16.  EA Sports has decided to add a bunch of penalties into Madden 16 that you see every Sunday in […]Read More