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The Best Madden 15 Tip You Have Never Heard Of

We’ve all played someone in Madden 15 who runs these crazy plays on offense and when we try to figure out what they were running, it just looks like the play doesn’t exist.  You have receivers running routes that don’t exist while your defense doesn’t react the way they should. If this has happened to […]Read More

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Madden NFL 15 Week 5 Roster Update

EA Sports has announced the ratings changes for the Madden NFL 15 week 5 roster update.  The most notable player change is New England Patriots QB Tom Brady dropping 2 overall points. Some of the other players who had the biggest rating boosts or declines are below: THREE UP Travis Kelce – TE – KC […]Read More

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Picking The Right Madden 15 Guide or eBook

When it comes to Madden 15 ebooks, strategy guides and tips, not all websites are created equal.  Many places sell low quality or recycled strategies.  Some pop up for a few months to make a quick buck or 2 and then close down. It is unfortunate because there are a lot of very high quality […]Read More

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Madden NFL 15 Gameplay: New Tackling Mechanics

EA Sports just released a video today showcasing the new tackling system in this year’s Madden NFL 15 game.  In the past, experienced gamers could attempt to hitstick everything and not have to deal with any real consequences.  That will all change this year. The video below goes over the changes that have been made […]Read More