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600 New Plays Added To Madden 16 Playbooks

Madden NFL 16 will have 600 new plays this year according to EA Sports.  Of those 600 plays, 100 of them will be “shot plays.”  A shot play is exactly how it sounds.  It is a play designed to take a shot deep.  It usually involves a play action pass and you leave extra running […]Read More

Madden 23

How Penalties Will Be Different in Madden NFL 16

For the longest time the only penalties you would ever see called in Madden games were holding, offsides, false start, and pass interference every now and then.  That is all going to change in Madden 16.  EA Sports has decided to add a bunch of penalties into Madden 16 that you see every Sunday in […]Read More

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Madden 16 Pre Order Bonuses Focus on Ultimate Team

The Madden NFL 16 pre order bonuses have been announced via Amazon.com.  The pre order bonuses focus exclusively on Madden 16 Ultimate Team. Gamers who pre order will receive at least 10 Ultimate Team Pro Packs and 1 Playmaker Pack. Here are the details from Amazon: Madden NFL 16 Standard Edition – Get 10 Ultimate […]Read More