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Co-op ‘Fable Legends’ heading to Xbox One

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios unveiled the latest entry in the long-running Fable franchise this morning at Gamescom – Fable Legends is a co-op adventure heading exclusively to Xbox One. Legends drops the player back into the magical world of Albion – where each previous Fable title has been set – this time about four centuries […]Read More


‘Fable: The Journey’ demo out today

It’s time to wipe that thick layer of dust off your Kinect and stretch out your joints, as a demo for Lionheard Studios’ Fable: The Journey hits XBLM today. The developer promised its fans that this slice of content will contain, “heart-pounding action.” Since the demo is 1.22GB, we hope it at least has something worth all the […]Read More


Official Achievements for Fable: The Journey

Lionhead’s venture into Kinect is a little over a month away and Xbox360Achievments has posted the official list of achievments that will be shipping with the title. For all you Gamerscore lovers out there, expect to have to tackle 50 different challenges. In their usual style, the developers have filled the title and descriptions with references […]Read More


Fable 4 Looking to Minecraft for Inspiration on Co-op

Lionhead Studios has held quite a following with the Fable franchise, even though the third title in the series didn’t perform as they would have expected.  While the series has been enjoyable, quite a few issues have stemmed from over-promising and under-delivering on certain features. We haven’t heard much from Lionhead recently on a true Fable title, but […]Read More