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Rumor: Pictures of New PS3 Model Leaked

Remember when rumors were floating around last week about a new PS3 model? Well, just to confused the public even more, Technoblog just reported on an image of a different, newly-textured device that resembles the current slim console. Anatel first posted about the mystery console, which seems to have a sliding panel for discs. Other than what can be seen […]Read More


Crysis 3 Leaked By Origin’s Website

If you’ve been wanting a new entry in the Crysis franchise, well, EA just accidentally leaked their own upcoming announcement.  Clever users were able to stumble upon a search engine result that showcased Crysis 3 on EA’s Origin website. The game was set to be announced in an upcoming issue of the Game Reactor magazine.  […]Read More


New Assassin’s Creed 3 Screenshots Leak Early

Leaks are a funny thing.  For gamers not in the industry, it’s a beautiful thing.  If you happen to work in PR or on that particular game that has assets leak, it’s quite the opposite. Today, thanks to AGB, six brand new screenshots have leaked out early for Assassin’s Creed III.  While the initial screenshots […]Read More