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‘League of Legends’ patch 3.04 notes released

The latest and greatest update to the massively popular League of Legends has been released, and with it comes a full description of all the changes Riot has made. If you’re a fan of the most-played MOBA to ever hit the gaming world, it’s time you give all the champion and ability changes a look. Some of […]Read More


‘League of Legends’ 3/12 PBE update: very minor changes

Some small changes came to the League of Legends public beta environment (PBE) last night. While they include only two small changes, they’re both worth noting. The upcoming Headhunter Nidalee skin finally received it’s particle effects at the end of her spear. Other than that, the only change was Nami’s (E) Tidecaller’s Blessing which had it’s duration […]Read More