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‘League of Legends’ spotlights elastic Champion Zac

The latest League of Legends Champion Spotlight video coming from developer Riot Games is centered on one of the meanest, greenest battlers to ever be released: Zac, the Secret Weapon. This amorphous creature may look like an overgrown version of Flubber, but don’t let his less-than-solid appearance fool you. Zac is a dangerous health-based castor […]Read More


‘League of Legends’ patch 3.5 imminent

Apparently it’s already time for another League of Legends patch. Riot Games has been hard at work on the new Karma, Udyr, turrets, and as always items. It’s a really, really busy week. Prepare yourself. Karma, the Enlightened One Karma has been relaunched with updates to her model, her kit and her story. If you would like […]Read More