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Xbox One to work without Kinect

The Xbox One will still function even when the Kinect sensor bar is unplugged or turned off, chief Xbox One platform architect Marc Whitten shared on IGN. In a question and answer session between Whitten and users that had submitted questions to IGN, Whitten explained that while you can use the Xbox One without the […]Read More


Rumor: Xbox One to release without Kinect in summer 2014

While Microsoft has  backtracked on certain policies for the Xbox One in the hopes of appeasing consumers, there’s still a group that wants Kinect removed from the system’s bundle. While there has been speculation that the change would happen this holiday with two separate bundles available, a new report is pointing to the summer of […]Read More


Microsoft reveals ‘Xbox IllumiRoom’ concept video

At this point, gamers feel they know just about all that Kinect can be used for on the Xbox 360. The method of thinking behind Kinect at this point has been largely motion controls and voice commands, but Microsoft’s latest concept video offers a new perspective. Using Kinect as well as a special projector system, […]Read More