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‘Killer Instinct’ is coming to Xbox One *UPDATE*

Update: Rare are actually not working on this title, suffice to say, as Double Helix Games will be handling the new iteration. They’ve made Battleship and Silent Hill: Homecoming. Finally rumored, now finally confirmed in a short teaser, seems Rare finally listened to its fans. Killer Instinct is back, baby on the Xbox One. Not […]Read More


Rare’s got a ‘Killer Instinct’ page on its website

Lending further credence to rumors that Rare intends to revive its SNES fighting franchise in coming months, the developer’s website now has a Killer Instinct page. The page itself is entirely blank. However, around the time Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer revealed that Rare is working on a “historic IP,” […]Read More


A ‘historic’ Rare franchise for Xbox One will be at E3

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One yesterday and with the promise of 15 titles, comprised of new IP and existing franchises, there’s one Microsoft developer we’re not sure what they’re up to: Rare. The creators of Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie have something planned up their sleeve. Polygon spoke with VP Phil Spencer yesterday about what Rare […]Read More