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‘Journey’ & ‘The Unfinished Swan’ not coming to PS4

We know that Escape Plan, Flow, and Flower will all have PS4 versions, but we now have confirmation that Journey and The Unfinished Swan will not. Nathan Gary of Sony Santa Monica tweeted a few images, possibly hinting at a PS4 release for the two games, but later clarified that this is not true. Lots of people asking so I’ll clarify. Was […]Read More


‘Journey’ art director starts Giant Squid Studios

Matt Nava, the man behind the art of thatgamecompany’s awarding-winning Journey and Flower titles, has officially started the development house Giant Squid Studios. Nava left his post as art director at thatgamecompany back in March of 2012, but little information about his future in game development has been released. It was unknown whether or not he’d continue […]Read More


PlayStation 3 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Sadly, 2012 did not see a major number of solid exclusives for Sony’s PlayStation 3. What we did was was a handful of bundles, a few great downloadable games, and a couple of fun accessories to maximize the gaming experience. While there were great games that came out this year, this article is mainly geared […]Read More