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James Bond 007 titles mysteriously pulled from Steam

It would appear that all James Bond games which were on Steam have been pulled from the service, as well as Activision’s own online store. The missing games include: Quantum of Solace, 007: Blood Stone and the most recent Bond title 007 Legends. No reason has been given for the sudden de-listing, and Activision has […]Read More


The Best James Bond Games That Aren’t Goldeneye

As Bond mashup 007 Legends hits consoles and we await the release of Sam Mendes’ cinematic take on Bond with Skyfall, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to look back on the 007 video game franchise. The MI6 agent has had a varied relationship with video games, with Goldeneye still being the golden example […]Read More


007 Legends Gets a New Trailer

In honor of fifty years of stealth, suave, and espionage on the part of Mr. James Bond, Activision is leading developer Eurocom in delivering a game that spans 007’s illustrious career, aptly titled 007 Legends. That part, of course, you already know. What you may not have seen is this new trailer, released today, which […]Read More