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Square Enix Montreal’s next-gen ‘Hitman’ canceled in favor of mobile title

A next-gen outing for Square Enix’s Hitman franchise has been axed, it’s been confirmed. According to the LinkedIn profile of senior game designer Richard Knight, the latest console entry in the stealthy-assassination franchise – developed by Square Enix Montreal – was officially canceled last year. It’s not terribly surprising, as the company announced that studio’s […]Read More

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IO Interactive facing job cuts, cancelled projects

Hitman developer IO Interactive will soon face major job losses and the cancellation of various projects. Half of the studio’s employees are said to be affected, with many non Hitman related projects receiving the axe. Publisher Square-Enix cited “a changing and challenging market” as the reason behind the changes facing IO, explaining that the studio will now “focus […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘Hitman HD Collection’

With Hitman: Absolution came a series reboot, which added a few new touches well suited for this generation of consoles. That said, the Hitman franchise before Absolution was nothing to sneeze at. To prove I’m right, Square Enix and IO Interactive have announced an HD Collection of three classic Hitman games: Silent Assassin, Contracts, and Blood Money. As is common among HD […]Read More


‘Hitman: Absolution’ crash fix coming soon

Since the Nov. 20 launch of Hitman: Absolution, players everywhere have been reporting freezing issues within the game. The reports show no real similarities, other than the fact that the game freezes, crashes, and, in some cases, corrupts the player’s save data. Now, IO Interactive has responded to these issues via the Hitman: Absolution Forum. “We’ve been […]Read More


Next ‘Hitman’ game gets early concept art

IO Interactive’s Hitman: Absolution may only be a week old, but fresh concept art for the next project in the franchise has already hit the internet. Schaffi Games discovered the above image created by Square Enix art director Rasmus Poulsen and senior concept artist Leonid Enin. Spawned live at the Montreal International Game Summit held earlier this […]Read More


‘Hitman: Absolution’ no longer requires online pass

With developers and publishers constantly seeking a means of gaining additional revenue in a market that’s moving more and more used units (read: no profit for the developer), online passes have become significantly more common in new copies of games. It’s surprising, then, that IO Interactive, developer of Hitman: Absolution, has made a late-game decision […]Read More