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PAX East: ‘Transistor’ interview

One of the biggest and best surprises of PAX East, SuperGiant Games’ Transistor, drew one of the largest crowds over the three-day conference. We got a chance to get our hands on this strategic, downloadable title, and creative director Greg Kasavin was also nice enough to talk at length about the game. [youtube id=”yulxvzgkQV0″ width=”620″ […]Read More


PAX East: ‘Rack N Ruin’ interview

While exploring the PAX East Indie Megabooth during this year’s show, we happened to land upon a new isometric title dubbed Rack N Ruin. Its unique art style and devilish protagonist piqued our interest and thankfully, one of the leading developers was nice enough to talk to us about his Zelda-inspired creation. [youtube id=”yUJCf-_SPxM” width=”620″ […]Read More


Interview with ‘Proteus’ dev Ed Key

StickSkills content manager Sam Nolan interviews Ed Key, an up-and-coming indie developer who has just released his first game, Proteus. During the interview, Ed and Sam chat about the ins and outs of indie development, the genesis of Proteus and the title’s detractors, who claim that the experience should not fall under the definition of a “game.” [jwplayer […]Read More

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Gamestop Getting Ready for Next-Gen Consoles

In an interview with The Verge, executives from Gamestop have confirmed that the world’s most popular video game retailer is starting to enact plans for the next generation of consoles. Starting with the Wii U, which, as CEO Paul Raines says, “we expect at holiday,” Gamestop will begin to re-prioritize, hoping to draw in a […]Read More