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Along Came an Indie: ‘Proteus’

This article may contain spoilers you’ll regret reading. It’s hard to say, really, but if you’re worried about tarnishing your experience—as can happen with any article about any game—consider playing the game on the fact that I’m saying, right now, that it’s worth your time. Otherwise, enjoy the words. Before a few days ago, I […]Read More

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Let’s fund the LA Game Space Kickstarter!

The current state of games is kinda crummy, when you look at it. Call of Medal Warfield tops every chart in existence, DRM and online passes ruin otherwise great games, publishers forcing multiplayer and co-op gimmicks down your throat. And that’s just for titles from big publishers. Things can be different. Remember when games would […]Read More


Along Came an Indie: Probability 0

This endless, twisted cycle must continue. I must keep diving down in order to survive, must fight off these monsters to learn better skills. But in order to do that, I have to keep going down. And then I die. This is how Droqen’s Probability 0 starts, ends, and starts again. Probablity 0 could be best […]Read More

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Sony Wants More ‘Art-House’ Titles

Few people who have played Journey can say they weren’t at least a little impressed by it. The game’s (estimated) sales figures and popularity support that its artsy style and off-the-beaten-path gameplay resonated with fans. With that in mind, along with other indie titles that have risen to the top, Sony is looking to expand its library […]Read More


Along Came an Indie: Slender

Slender seriously freaked me out. Many games try to scare players, but the end result is usually ham-fisted and full of gore. Slender is subtle. It will creep up on you before you realize, and stare you down as you come to understand what really happened. You should probably play it before reading this, as the […]Read More