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The Not On Steam sale is exactly what you think it is

Steam really is a bastion of amazing proportions. With its many sales and pro-consumer focus, Valve really has changed the landscape of gaming as a whole. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. And it shouldn’t be your only source for great indie games. Started by Flippfly, the studio behind the very cool Race the Sun, the […]Read More


Don’t expect any indie games on Xbox One until 2014

As the slew of indie titles hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One will have their indie titles coming through the ID@Xbox program. But don’t expect any of the titles to be hitting by launch. Phil Harrison, Microsoft corporate Vice President, told Games Industry International that he personally doesn’t expect any titles until about 2014. Here’s […]Read More


Xbox One’s certification process to be easier for developers

Microsoft is working on a plan to make the certification process easier for developers to make updates to their titles on Xbox One, according to Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer. Speaking to Polygon, Spencer commented on the vague and contradictory nature of Microsoft’s comments regarding support for independent developers, saying that Microsoft is putting […]Read More


Xbox One to feature independent creators program for indies

The Xbox One will have a program designed to feature independent game developers, says Microsoft’s head of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick. Speak with Kotaku, Mattrick said that Microsoft has plans for an “independent creator program,” something that Mattrick thinks “is important,” citing his early days in the video game industry as a developer on Test […]Read More


Interview with ‘Proteus’ dev Ed Key

StickSkills content manager Sam Nolan interviews Ed Key, an up-and-coming indie developer who has just released his first game, Proteus. During the interview, Ed and Sam chat about the ins and outs of indie development, the genesis of Proteus and the title’s detractors, who claim that the experience should not fall under the definition of a “game.” [jwplayer […]Read More