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Indie Royale Gone Fishin’ Bundle is Now Live

It’s been a few weeks, which means another Indie Royale bundle is here to offer a pile of games on the cheap. The Gone Fishin’ Bundle offers the usual six titles which can be yours for around $5 depending on the current minimum price, which fluctuates as more bundles are sold. This time around you get SOL: […]Read More


Indie Royale July Jubilee Bundle Available Now

Now that the Summer Bundle is a few weeks in the past, the Indie Royale folks are at it again with yet another collection of indie games. The July Jubilee Bundle promises six games, as well as some music if you’re willing to go beyond the minimum purchase price. The current minimum is floating around $5.11, and […]Read More


Indie Royale Summer Bundle Out Now

If you missed the last bundle from the folks over at Indie Royale, there’s already another with a new set of games. This time around they’re offering a slew of titles in addition to some music if you’re willing to pay enough. If you’ve had any experience with previous Indie Royale bundles, you know how […]Read More


Indie Royale June Bug Bundle Available Now

Looking for a good way to support talented, independent developers while also getting your hands on a bunch of their quality games? The June Bug Bundle, the latest Indie Royale conglomeration of smaller games at a minuscule price is now live at it’s normal location and full of pixelated goodness. Similar to the setup of the The Humble Indie Bundles, Indie […]Read More