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‘Hitman: Absolution’ launch trailer released

As we continue through the final days before Hitman: Absolution’s release, the flood of promotional videos is coming to a close with the game’s launch trailer. If you’ve been keeping track of IO Interactive’s stream of content up until now, most of it will be familiar, but it’s still an entertaining watch. Filled with a plethora of […]Read More


‘Hitman: Absolution’ Ultimate Assassin trailer released

IO Interactive has shown you Agent 47’s wardrobe, tools, and tactics with its “Introducing Hitman: Absolution” series, now get inside the mind of the world’s deadliest assassin with the series’ conclusion, “The Ultimate Assassin.” Comprised entirely of scenes from within the game, “The Ultimate Assassin” shows off what I’ll tentatively term “47-vision,” which players can use to […]Read More


‘Hitman: Absolution’ features a “living, breathing world”

The folks at IO Interactive are continuing with their long list of trailers and dev diaries in the lead up to Hitman: Absolution’s release on November 20th. With showcases of the game’s sound design, disguises, and story already available, we now delve into it’s “living, breathing world.” Check out the trailer below. The Hitman series is known for it’s intricate […]Read More


‘Hitman: Absolution’ trailer showcases disguises

The Hitman series is known for it’s great stealth mechanics, and it’s freedom of choice. Disguises have played a key role in supporting this open nature in past entries, and Hitman: Absolution looks to be no different. IO Interactive has seen fit to show off some of the disguises Agent 47 will don in the following trailer. Cops, […]Read More