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Bungie won’t rest on laurels with ‘Destiny’

It’s hard to argue that Bungie is one of the most popular developers of this console generation, with each successive game in its blockbuster Halo franchise earning massive critical acclaim (and more than a few shekels, which sure doesn’t hurt). With such a generally sterling reputation, some fans might worry the developer would try to skate […]Read More


Crimson Map Pack coming to ‘Halo 4’ on December 10

Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced the release date for the first Halo 4 map pack. The Crimson Map Pack will include three new maps, Harvest, Shatter and Wreckage, it will also see the Extraction gametype added to matchmaking. Extraction is a 5 on 5 objective gametype in which teams must defend supplies as they […]Read More


New Halo 4 War Games playlists set for next week

Tired of every multiplayer shooter being team based? 343 Industries feels for you. Next week sees a playlist update to include new Free for All options to classic Halo gametypes Oddball and King of the Hill. Starting Monday, you’ll be able to take on the world in Haven, Adrift, Complex, Solace and Abandon, with some slight rules […]Read More


Halo 4: Bringing humanity to Cortana and Master Chief

The following contains spoilers for Halo 4, if you have not completed the campaign we recommend you do so before reading on. Cortana has always been one of the most fascinating parts of the Halo fiction for me. A.I.s in the Halo universe are just very interesting in general; they’re based on the neural pathways […]Read More