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‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ update 1.8 released

The latest update has been released for Killzone: Shadow Fall, fixing many known bugs and crashes. Fixes specifically mentioned include, “the voice pack crash for Play-Go versions of the game and the spectator rollover crash.” Shadow Fall launched alongside the Playstation 4 to a mostly positive critical reception. Outside of updates, we can also expect future DLC map […]Read More


‘Killzone Mercenary’ updates outlined, free maps incoming

With the release of Killzone Mercenary, the Playstation Vita finally received the shooter that it deserved. With solid gameplay mechanics and a multiplayer well worth playing, a steady stream of content is key for the game’s multiplayer to survive. Today on the Playstation Blog the next few update for Killzone Mercenary were outlined. For those […]Read More


‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ 4-player co-op coming post-launch

Wave-based cooperative multiplayer modes received a surge of popularity with Gears of War‘s Horde mode, and many shooters have been keeping in step with it ever since. Killzone: Shadow Fall has also been confirmed to receive such a mode, with the specifics being a bit…unspecific in terms of the date.  Shadow Fall game director Steven ter Heide, responding to […]Read More


‘Killzone: Mercenary’ review: The shooter the Vita needs

While the Playstation Vita hasn’t even been around for two years, it has seen its fair share of disappointments for the shooter genre. Established series like Call of Duty and Resistance have tried their hand at delivering a quality Vita experience, but have ultimately failed. Killzone: Mercenary’s attempt at greatness doesn’t bring forth any groundbreaking […]Read More