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‘Killzone: Mercenary’ review: The shooter the Vita needs

While the Playstation Vita hasn’t even been around for two years, it has seen its fair share of disappointments for the shooter genre. Established series like Call of Duty and Resistance have tried their hand at delivering a quality Vita experience, but have ultimately failed. Killzone: Mercenary’s attempt at greatness doesn’t bring forth any groundbreaking […]Read More


‘Killzone: Mercenary’ day one patch weighs in at over 1GB

Review copies of the Vita title Killzone: Mercenary are rolling out, and players are being greeted with a 1190MB day one patch. The associated notes describe “stability fixes and performance optimisations” as its contents, but no specifics are given. Day one patches are nothing new in modern games, but this brings the overall size of Mercenary to 4.5GB, up […]Read More