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5 pieces of ‘GTA V’ DLC we want to see

Now that GTA V has been out for a month, players have had plenty of time to play through the activities and missions, find the cool cars, and exhaust the stories of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. While any DLC is likely a while off, there’s little doubt that Rockstar is already working on some additional content. That […]Read More


‘GTA V’ 1.04 patch goes live, first Stimulus Package arrives next week

GTA Online’s disastrous launch is slowly getting rectified by Rockstar, with the instances of disappearing characters and cars becoming slightly less numerous as Rockstar finds and stamps out the errors. The latest automatic title update, 1.04, is now out.  This update rectifies the following issues: Fixes numerous issues that were causing vehicle loss and/or loss […]Read More


When ‘GTA Online’ meets the WWE we all laugh

It’s Friday, you’ve worked hard, and you deserve a good laugh. Rockstar has finally been able to make GTA Online stable for the majority of players, and they’re giving a huge stimulus package to everyone later this month. In celebration of both Friday & GTA Online working properly, we’re bringing you a great video. Mixing in JR […]Read More


Rumor: ‘GTA V’ coming to PC in 2014

Earlier this year, console gamers were able to enjoy one of the best games of this generation, while PC gamers were left out in the cold with nothing more than a well-worn copy of Skyrim. They just might be hope, however, as Eurogamer has heard through grapevine that Grand Theft Auto V may be coming to PC next […]Read More