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Rockstar: ‘GTA V’ box art is coming very soon

Over the weekend, it was discovered that a mural of Grand Theft Auto V‘s box art was being put up in New York City. With it being difficult to tell if this was the doing of a random artist or someone commissioned by Rockstar Games, fans began to reach out via Twitter. Rockstar responded to one […]Read More


Second ‘GTA V’ trailer released by Rockstar Games

Very few games in the industry can completely take over social media the way that the Grand Theft Auto series does. From parents protesting the game to the media debating whether or not it’s overrated, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have an opinion one way or another on the franchise. Today, Rockstar Games […]Read More


New GTA story details, in-game screenshots

A buttload of information about Rockstar’s newest instalment to their flagship franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, has been revealed in Game Informer‘s latest December issue of their digital magazine. Namely, the game will feature three main protagonists: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Interestingly, each of these characters will supposedly be available to play at any time, as the player will […]Read More


‘GTA V’ release window made official for Spring 2013

Remember those days when we didn’t have a narrowed down release window for Grand Theft Auto V? Well, they’re officially gone as Rockstar has confirmed the official release window for their upcoming title. The confirmation of a ‘Spring 2013’ window comes after Grand Theft Auto V had its release date leaked via promotional material. The […]Read More


‘GTA V’ release date listed as Spring 2013

One of the biggest unanswered questions for gamers has to be the release date for Grand Theft Auto V. We’ve all seen and heard various rumors about the game, but nothing concrete has hit the internet other than speculation. After releasing a piece of artwork last week, it appears that the Grand Theft Auto V […]Read More