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‘Gone Home’ sales break 250,000

Sales for last year’s indie darling Gone Home are still steadily climbing, with the recent total breaking 250,000 copies. The Fullbright Company founder Steve Gaynor recently revealed this info, claiming that most of these sales came via Steam. Gone Home released last August to mostly positive reviews, and eventually collected quite a few awards by the end of the […]Read More


‘Gone Home’ adds commentary, now on sale

Well, it looks like I finally need to set aside some time to play Gone Home. Not only is the Steam version 50% off until this Friday, The Fullbright Company has added developer commentary to each purchase. The commentary delivers over 90 minutes of audio from its developers, lead voice actor, and composer. Hell, there’s even […]Read More


‘Gone Home’ to get a commentary mode in the next update

While talking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently, Steve Gaynor mentioned that there is an update for the game come out soon-ish that will feature a commentary mode. It’ll function not unlike, say, Portal 2’s commentary mode, where there’ll be little icons that you can interact with, causing an audio clip to play. In addition to […]Read More


‘Gone Home’ sales break 50,000 in first month

The experimental first-person exploration title Gone Home has surpassed 50,000 sales since its launch in early August. Steve Gaynor of developer The Fullbright Company describes the studio’s response. Along with the positive critical response we are continually grateful for and humbled by, we are also doing alright as far as sales numbers go! Gone Home sends players back […]Read More


‘Gone Home’ receives new trailer, screens

A swath of new media has been released for The Fullbright Company’s first official project, Gone Home. A story exploration video game set in 1995, Gone Home comes from the bright minds behind BioShock 2’s highly regarded Minerva’s Den DLC. The additional content for the second trip to Rapture was most known for its inventive […]Read More


The Fullbright Company Shines a Light on New Project

Just a week ago, a few of the former developers involved in the BioShock 2 DLC Minerva’s Den announced that they had founded their own studio dubbed The Fullbright Company. Wasting little time, the team has now  revealed that their first game will be titled Gone Home, which is currently in an early pre-alpha state. Steve Gaynor, […]Read More