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Mass Effect 3 Face Import Patch Hits Today

When Mass Effect 3 launched, fans were rather vocal about the issues with importing the face of their Commander Shepard.  With fans having so much time invested in the series, something like the incorrect face for your character can be rather frustrating. If you’ve been rather extreme about not playing until the issue was fixed, […]Read More


Battlefield 3 Glitch Allows Giant Recon Player

Some glitches are frustrating, and then others are down right hilarious.  While we’ve seen a few strange glitches so far in Battlefield 3, this is by far the most odd.  While you expect to see gun glitches, people hidden in objects, things exploding for no reason, and what we classify as “normal”, today’s glitch is […]Read More


How to Earn Infinite Gold in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is absolutely massive, and if you’ve picked up the title, then we’re pretty sure that your day has consisted of either work/school and Skyrim.  Loved ones are being ignored, and your home console is getting quite the bit of attention this November. While the game is incredibly fun and full of things to do, […]Read More