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Aliens Colonial Marines Collector Edition Announced

Today Gearbox software has announced that Aliens Colonial Marines will be getting the collector edition treatment. Inside the bundle is a great deal of physical and in game items that Alien fans will want to attach themselves to like a facehugger. Take a look at all that is included in the collector edition. Click on […]Read More


Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Reveals Release Date

Way back in 2008, SEGA and Gearbox revealed that they were working on a new title called Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Fans rejoiced, but the title eventually went dark before resurfacing and receiving more delays. Jumping to present day, a smile can now return to your face as SEGA and Gearbox have confirmed a new release […]Read More


Aliens: Colonial Marines Receives Another Delay

Aliens: Colonial Marines is on a fast route to seeming like vaporware.  The title has been delayed numerous times by SEGA and Gearbox, and had currently been on track for a Spring 2012 release. We’re using “had”, because a brand new delay has just pushed the title to an “Autumn 2012” release date.  OXM stumbled […]Read More