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‘Borderlands 2’s’ Mechromancer skill tree released

Fans of the upcoming Mechromancer character class for Borderlands 2 can now completely prepare for their journey when the content drops on October 16. The three separate skill trees, Best Friends Forever, Little Big Trouble, and Ordered Chaos each focus on a different aspect of Gaige’s Deathtrap. In general Best Friends Forever tends to favor those who aren’t […]Read More


UPDATE: ‘Borderlands 3’ is not being worked on

ORIGINAL STORY: Released a couple weeks ago and planned DLC on the way, what’s next for Gearbox Software? Other than Aliens: Colonial Marines and whatever Furious Four became, not a whole lot. But Lead Writer Anthony Burch was talking on the Totally Rad Show, he mentioned that ideas were being brainstormed for Borderlands 3. So […]Read More


Rumor: ‘Borderlands 2’ DLC code-named ‘Torgue’ contains ten hours of gameplay

Someone is always watching. You would think that game developers, of all people, would understand that. As someone was scouring the various profiles of Gearbox Software employees on the online résumé site LinkedIn,  they found highlights which included working on an expansion for Borderlands 2 code-named ‘Torgue.’ Another profile referenced working on an “Unannounced” “Expansion of a […]Read More