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Season Passes: More Risk than Reward

When season passes first began to trend, there wasn’t much backlash from the community. It stood as an opportunity for hardcore fans to get the downloadable content, which they were going to purchase anyway, while giving the developer and publisher a nice cash advance. While it may be tough to shell out the now large […]Read More


Official Achievements for “Aliens: Colonial Marines”

Aliens: Colonial Marines, the upcoming canonical installment in the Aliens franchise made by Gearbox Software releases in just over a month. When the official achievements popped up for the title, via Xbox360Achievements, I was thoroughly surprised to see only one secret achievement, especially given the nature of the title. For the more hardcore Gamescore seekers, yes, there […]Read More


‘Borderlands 2’ pre-order and Collector’s Edition content now available for purchase

Did you miss out on pre-ordering Borderlands 2 or that sweet Collector’s Edition for the game? Fear not Vault Hunters, your content has arrived. Gearbox announced today that both the Creature Slaughter Dome and Collector’s Edition pack are available for purchase. For those unaware, the Creature Slaughter Dome lets you enter the Natural Selection Annex […]Read More


New ‘Borderlands 2’ character in development

Good news for all you Borderlands 2 fanatics, Randy Pitchford president of Gearbox Software, has confirmed that the team is currently working on another character for the game. “Yes, we’re working on another character,” he told a random member of Twitter. We’d expect this type of content to not be included in the Season Pass that many […]Read More