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Batch of Borderlands 2 Screenshots Released

Who’s excited for Borderlands 2? We know we are. What makes us even more excited are these new screenshots that have been released which show just how different you classes can look. Have two Gunzerkers on your team and hate looking alike? Not a problem anymore. Check these out. What do you think of the visual […]Read More


Borderlands 2 Headed To Certification

Boys and girls, hang on to your pants because Borderlands 2 is headed to certification. What’s that mean? Well in short it means that the game is now going through rigorous testing (read: people are playing the game), but this also means that the game is finished and nothing will be changed, just patched. According to Gearbox, the rest […]Read More


Borderlands 2 Badass System Revealed – Infinite Leveling

Gearbox Software has announced the Badass system, a progression system which allows you to level up continuously which will be implemented in Borderlands 2. The system provides statistical upgrades, leveling up separately from your character, allowing you to carry the bonuses to all of your characters, new and old. Each time a token is consumed, the […]Read More