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Starbreeze announces co-op shooter ‘Storm’

Without fanfare or pretense, Starbreeze Studios recently revealed a new co-op shooter entitled Storm. In fact, the unveiling came so quietly, in can hardly be referred to as an announcement. Last week, Starbreeze simply updated its website’s “Games” page to include Storm under “Currently in Development.” Storm joins Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on the list of games in active development. Starbreeze […]Read More


‘Disney Infinity’ revealed, June 2013 release

Disney’s latest gaming project, Disney Infinity, has been rumored to exist for some time now, and today the world received official confirmation of the game’s existence at a Los Angeles press conference. Disney Infinity, billed as a platform for the entire virtual Disney universe, is a creative, sandbox-like project built off of Toy Story 3′s “Toy Box mode.” In Infinity, players […]Read More


‘NRA: Practice Range’ released for iOS

The National Rifle Association has joined the gamemaking business. Released on Jan. 14–a month after the tragedy at Sand Hook Elementary School in Connecticut–NRA: Practice Range is an iOS game advertised as a tool for “safety, training and education,” as well as hosting a virtual shooting range. The game is recommended for ages four and up. […]Read More


Darksiders 2 – The Last Sermon Live Action Trailer

THQ recently commissioned Game of Thrones actor, James Cosmo to bring life to a live action Darksiders 2 trailer entitled “The Last Sermon”. Below is the official trailer and a link to the full uncut version can be found on the Darksiders 2’s Facebook page. Along with the release of the trailer THQ is happy […]Read More


Review: Rocksmith

For many years there has been music games wanting to recreate that feeling of being a rock star on a stage. The market was flooded with music genre games battling each other on who made the game best and then the instruments that came with them, but after a while it became redundant and oversaturated […]Read More