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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Bodark Trailer Emerges

Within a few short weeks, you’ll finally be able to have your hands on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.  As your anticipation increases as the release day draws closer, you want more content centered around the game. Ubisoft knows you want more Ghost Recon footage in your life, and they’ve delivered a brand new trailer for […]Read More


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta is Now Available

You’ve stuck it out through a ton of delays, and Ubisoft is rewarding your patience today with the launch of the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta.  That’s right, as of today you’ll be able to access the beta on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 depending on your situation. Gamers who picked up Splinter […]Read More


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Video Heavy on Stealth

While Ghost Recon: Future Soldier isn’t a game completely about stealth, you have quite a few options on the battlefield.  The beauty of the series has always been giving you a ton of tools at your disposal and typically attacking the scenario how you see fit. The latest video released from Ubisoft today showcases a good bit […]Read More


Hey Ubisoft, Where’s My Early Access?

After quite a few delays and a great deal of patience, fans of the Ghost Recon series were happy to hear that the beta for Future Soldier received a concrete date.  Via a press release, Ubisoft announced that the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer beta would be live later this month and last through early […]Read More