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‘Fuse’ demo available on May 7

We’re about a few weeks away from the release of EA and Insomniac Games’ Fuse, the new four-player co-op shooter and first multiplatform title for Insomniac. If you want to try it out before you buy, they got you covered. On May 7, there’ll be a demo for solo or co-op play from up to […]Read More


‘Fuse’ won’t have microtransactions or an online pass, demo incoming

Developer Insomniac has revealed some interesting tidbits regarding its upcoming co-op shooter¬†Fuse.¬†After taking questions during a a recent livestream, these same questions made their way to Insomniac’s the official site. Perhaps the most interesting answers involve the oh-so popular trend of microtransactions. When questioned about both an online pass and microtransactions, Insomniac responded with a […]Read More


‘Fuse’ releasing on May 28

While all the crazy PAX East news goes around, EA and Insomniac have finally locked down a date for their upcoming co-op shooter Fuse announced in a press release. You’ll be able to nab the title on May 28 or May 31 in the UK for Xbox 360 and PS3. It was originally supposed to […]Read More