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‘The Secret World’ no longer requires a subscription

Funcom’s latest entry into the MMO genre, The Secret World, has changed business models today. Just four months after launching with a traditional monthly subscription model, Funcom have announced that effective immediately anyone can buy a copy of The Secret World and play indefinitely, with no further cost. It’s not quite the same as the […]Read More


The Secret World’s First Update Hits July 31

Funcom has been trying to do everything it can to differentiate it’s latest MMORPG, The Secret World, from the herd of WoW clones and free-to-play games. They already have a few things going for them, with their modern, real-world settings, and conspiracy filled stories, but Funcom has also promised monthly updates.This won’t be the easiest promise to keep, but […]Read More


Funcom Announces the Release Date for The Secret World

If you thought The Secret World would be available  in April, then we’re sorry to break your heart.  The MMO has been rather hyped and developed a considerable following, and finally has an official release date. Funcom has announced today that The Secret World will be officially available as of June 26th, 2012.  The game […]Read More