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SOMA gets a gameplay trailer

The new game from Frictional, the twisted minds behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent, have been teasing their next game like wild this month. So far, the teases have been great, but didn’t really do much in the way of tell you what the game is about. Enter this four minute gameplay teaser for SOMA. And suddenly, SOMA […]Read More


Second teaser for Frictional Games’ ‘Soma’ released

The cryptic teaser site for Frictional Games’ latest project has released another small batch of information. Again we are confronted with a report of an odd occurrence, in which a standard robot takes on more human-like characteristics. More importantly, it takes on the persona of the facility’s chief engineer. A standard UH3 articulated robot, active […]Read More


Frictional Games teases new game

Amnesia creator Frictional Games has finally begun teasing its next title. Following a series of mysterious clues found at nextfrictionalgame.com eventually led to somasystems.org, and it doesn’t get much clearer from there. A document titled “Item #2656 – Vivarium” describes the discovery of a cryptic machine found during some sort of salvage mission. The machine has […]Read More


‘Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs’ Review: Well-oiled

Amnesia: The Dark Descent first arrived back in 2010, and brought with it a new brand of survival horror. Much in the same vein of its previous work, Frictional Games threw players into terrifying situations as a completely helpless individual. Without any combat, the only hope for survival was stealth. Three years later the followup, Amnesia: A […]Read More