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Epic confirms unannounced game is a triple-A shooter

Epic founder Tim Sweeney revealed to Eurogamer that Epic’s unannounced project is in fact a triple-A shooter. Speaking to Eurogamer, Tim Sweeney said, “we’re building a bigger, triple-A shooter project that hasn’t been announced yet.” Other projects Epic is working on includes the PC-exclusive Fortnite, as well as smaller projects from two-three person teams. Given […]Read More


Fortnight Closed Beta Set for ‘Early Next Year’

Taking a page out of Willy Wonka’s book, Epic Games gave out a golden ticket last night to one lucky audience member at its Fortnite panel. Since Epic doesn’t own a chocolate factory (that we know of), this ticket allows its holder early access to the Fortnite closed beta next year. Funny thing, though; this beta has not yet […]Read More


Fortnite Signals End of Console Generation

Though exclusivity deals with third-party publishers once determined which console reigned supreme, it’s now rare to to see anything more than DLC stay loyal to one brand. This shouldn’t be a shocking statement, but games cost a great deal of money to make these days, and the cash Microsoft or Sony would offer to Ubisoft […]Read More