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Wii U firmware update now available, over 5GB of data

Whether you’re purchasing your Wii U at midnight tonight or buying it when you wake up, Nintendo’s latest system is now available. As you hook up your system and prepare to play it, you’ll need to download a rather massive update before having access to its full functionality. Nintendo has released a 5GB update that […]Read More


Firmware 1.69 Now Available for the PS Vita

Turning on your Playstation Vita today will yield a new firmware update to download for your system.  As of this morning, Sony has released the 1.69 firmware update for the Playstation Vita. What exactly does the firmware update do? Sony has stated on their official blog that it is an optional update, but its main […]Read More


Playstation Vita Firmware Update 1.61 Goes Live

If you’re lucky enough to already own a Playstation Vita, you have a brand new firmware update to apply to your system.  The firmware update is in preparation for the Playstation Vita’s midnight launches going on through North America tonight. It’s not a huge update, but it adds a few noticeable features and functions to your […]Read More