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‘Final Fantasy’ for PS4 to be at E3 2013

When speaking at Sony’s event in New York City Wednesday night, Square Enix announced that a next-generation Final Fantasy title for the PS4 would be present at E3 2013. No information on the game itself, but a demo was shown of the technology that will be used in Square Enix’s future titles.Read More


Square Enix teasing an announcement on January 17

Square Enix has always been illustrious with its teases. Now that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is on its way, what’s next from the developer? A new site has popped up on one of Square Enix Japanese websites. We see a silhouette of 16-bit characters fighting some enemies and that’s it. Nothing much else to […]Read More


‘Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix’ announced for PS3

It may not be the current-generation Kingdom Hearts title you’ve been waiting for, but Square has announced that a bundle of HD games staring Sora and the gang will be hitting the PlayStation 3 next year. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix is a name that, well, says nothing about what this game actually is. To cut […]Read More


Final Fantasy VII Remake “would end the franchise”

What’s really holding Square Enix back from giving the fans the game they’ve been craving for years? According to Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada, a better Final Fantasy game must be made first. During a recent Q&A session at the company’s annual shareholder’s briefing, Wada was asked about the status of the Final Fantasy VII remake. His […]Read More