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FIFA Street On Sale for Only $20

If you’re a fan of soccer and haven’t been able to pick up FIFA Street just yet, then you’re going to be in luck today.  Playstation 3 owners are able to pick up the game today for a fraction of what it normally goes for online or in stores. Amazon has discounted the game today to […]Read More


FIFA Street Demo Available Today on PS3 & Xbox 360

On the last generation of consoles, EA BIG delivered both the FIFA Street series and the NFL Street series.  Both were incredibly interesting to start, but they each eventually wore out their welcome as the series lost their direction. EA SPORTS is back with FIFA Street and they’ve rein-visioned the series as a whole.  The same gameplay […]Read More


Official List of FIFA Street Achievements

The Street series for both FIFA and the NFL from last generation were ridiculously fun.  At a certain point both franchises became  a little too crazy and needed a break.  That break happened for the FIFA series, and EA SPORTS will be bringing the series back next month for your enjoyment. Our friends over at X360A […]Read More


FIFA Street Features and Screens Released

EA Sports is reviving it’s street soccer franchise on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with the release of FIFA Street in March. Today the company released an initial features list for the game and a set of accompanying screenshots. FIFA Street will utilize the same gameplay engine found in FIFA 12, including the new […]Read More